Ragdoll Cattery Management

Breeding Ragdoll cats can be very exhilarating and filled with fun for the Ragdoll breeders and caretakers; however, this fun comes with a lot of sacrifices and expenses on the side of the Ragdoll breeders. This is because Mink Ragdolls, Solid Black Ragdolls, or Ragdoll kittens in general – whether traditional or non-traditional – are very delicate species and deserve a lot of care and attention to raise them from litter to full grown cats which can also successfully breed.

It is no surprise that many people prefer to breed other types of cats and not Ragdolls; finding dedicated and professionally oriented Ragdoll cat breeders is rare and whenever one does, kudos should be given to them. The sheer volume of cash we expend on these beautiful companions of ours is quite much considering the fact that we are not breeding them to make profit from. In other words, almost all the money that customers pay to pick up kittens or full-grown Ragdolls just about compensates for raising them to become healthy, strong, and beautiful. Without these three characteristics, no one would pay for them, so we ensure that they meet the standard and further carry on the unique Ragdoll cat genes.

The journey from acquiring a Ragdoll breeder, getting a stud and train them to produce litters which one has to nurture and raise very carefully, the joy in watching them grow strong and healthy and produce more litters, and the excitement when that phone rings for enquiries on how to purchase these lovely little cats compensates for all the costs and troubles. Even though we don’t make a living or profit from raising Ragdoll cats, the satisfaction is generally based in the fact that we are contributing our little quota to the advancement of nature.


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