Keeping Ragdoll Kittens off Christmas trees

Christmas is that time again when all houses become decorated with Christmas trees. For Ragdoll cat owners around the world though, this is one season that can also spell trouble because of the equation:

Ragdoll cat + Christmas tree = Trouble.

And this is ever so true that a whole lot of Ragdoll cat breeders in Ontario even tell me that this season is a time when a lot of cat owners actually bring their Ragdoll cat pets to the veterinary as their pet ate something like tinsel, or swallowed a small ball from the tree, or even got sick from drinking the water in the base of the Christmas tree. You surely have to realize that this is a serious issue for people who own Ragdoll cats as pets.

So how do you actually go about this problem and how do you keep your Ragdoll kittens off the Christmas tree at this time of the year? Well I can think of some good things to do and use at this time. Let us have a simple rundown of things first that can make your Christmas tree a danger to any kittens or cats out there, and also offer a bit of idea how to address them:

  1. Stagnant water in the base of the Christmas tree – Remember stagnant water is the breeding ground for bacteria, mosquitoes, and so many other parasites. There may even b fertilizers from the tree that gets mixed up in this water. If your Ragdoll cat happens to get a drink from this, it spells trouble for him. You are lucky if its just intestinal flu your cat gets from the things in the water. But how about if the substance is poisonous to them? How to avoid your Ragdoll cat from drinking it? Try to make sure that the base has a cover, or something similar that can keep the cat from having direct access to the water in the base of the tree.
  2. Electric cords. Obviously, even human babies and kids are in danger from these kinds of stuff. If it is dangerous for humans, how more so for a cat. You might have read or watched in some TV shows when a cat bites the power cord of a Christmas tree. Instant electrocution. This is not funny because seeing your Ragdoll cat burnt to a crisp will really be a sight that will haunt you for the rest of your life. How to make it kitten or cat-proof? You can apply some taste deterrent like bitter apple flavor to the cords so they stay away from it. Or another simpler thing is to actually arrange the cords and wires in a way that will keep it off the cats like staple wiring them to the corners or the walls.
  3.  I remember going to this one pet store, and upon entering, they had this Christmas tree that did not have any tinsels on it. Just the tree with some light and simple decorations. I asked the owner about it when the outside of the store was so brightly lit and well designed. The store owner answered me that he had around 3 cats inside this store running around, and he said it was in order for the cat to not eat anything from that tree. He already had a case where one of his cats ate a decoration ribbon and ended up getting indigestion and got operated on. The best way to avoid such problems in the future? Keep the tree simple as possible in terms of designs. Avoid anything that attracts the cat’s attention and makes them play with it.
  4.  Make the ornaments in your tree big enough and avoid glass ones that could break easily and injure your kitten. Remember cats are curious by nature, and if they see something sparkly like glass decorations, they will jump at it and try to play with it. Not only do you lose an expensive decoration, but you can potentially injure your cat in the process.

There are still so many things to consider about keeping your Christmas tree cat-proof, but it is also good to say that remember, your Ragdoll cat is a curious little fellow, and this tree can also present as something interesting to him or her, and keeping her away from it might be impossible. So better always be on the lookout for your cat too. If you happen to be out of the house and the cat is all alone, do not leave it in the same room as the tree. You can bring him back in the living room when you come back in order to avoid it doing something to the tree while you are not looking. I think this is much safer that leaving him alone with the tree for hours. A friend even told me this story one time when he left his Ragdoll cat inside the house while they went grocery shopping, and when they came back, the cat was just fine, but the living room and the Christmas tree was not. It was collapsed on the living room and the whole place was a mess like a storm had passed into the living room. Of course they knew who the guilty party was, but it was partly their fault also for leaving the cat inside the living room with the tree while they were away.

I hope this is not a deterrent for you to actually buy Ragdoll kittens for sale at this Christmas season. Ragdoll cats are very lovable creatures, and you should not treat it as something that can ruin your Christmas in any case. Remember there are ways to be able to curb off this problem, and it’s always up to you to employ these methods. Remember the equation above, and if you take it to heart, you will really be able to find a way to keep off your Ragdoll kitten from your Christmas tree.

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