How To Introduce Ragdoll Kittens To A New Home

Adopting a new Ragdoll kitten in the family?

 Here’s how to do it! Actually, there are no set rules on how to introduce a Ragdoll kitten into her new home, simply because every situation is different. Also, felines are known to adapt to its new environment easily, as compared to other domesticated animals, but just to make sure, here are some helpful tips that you can use, in order make your Ragdoll cat feel comfortable with her new home.  Make sure that your Ragdoll cat has her own private space, where she can stay during naptime, or when she is still trying to get used to the new area. It should be a place where your cat can stay alone, so she will not get bothered with the normal activities you have at home, especially when there are children and other animals in the same roof.

Make sure that you have provided her a litter box. Place the litter box where your Ragdoll cat can easily see it. Give her a basic litter box. That is what cats like initially. But when she gets bored with it, change the type of litter box. In a different corner of your Ragdoll cat’s room, place a bowl of water and another bowl for her food. Do not place these bowls near the litter box, because your cat’s food and water might be contaminated with dirt and cat poop. Place the bowls on top of a runner or a mat so that you will not have a hard time cleaning the mess after.

Make sure that you bought your Ragdoll kitten a comfy bed where she can sleep. Make sure that the cat bed is also large enough to fit her in. Place her bed far from the litter box and her food. During the day, let your Ragdoll kitten explore her new home. Do not call her every now and then; because she needs to see every corner of the new home, in order to get accustomed, same it goes when it comes to her litter box. Do not force her to use the litter box. Instead, teach her where to go. There are guidelines online that you can use, in order to teach a kitten or a cat to use the litter box.

If you have other pets in your home, make sure that they are not allowed in your cat’s room, so that your Ragdoll kitten will still have her own private space that only she can enjoy. Don’t worry… your pets will get along eventually. However, they need some help from you, especially young Ragdoll kittens. You should know if your Ragdoll is already comfortable in her new home, if you see her playing more often, and mingling with the other people and pets in your home. At this point, you can check to see if you can move the litter box into a different place outside her room now, and place it somewhere else.

Let us just hope that your chosen place is also the preferred place of your cat for her litter box. Ragdoll cats are generally sweet and love to be cuddles most of the time. Make sure to give this kind of attention to your new Ragdoll kitten, so that she will be comfortable easily, and she will feel that she is loved. If you decide to adopt a Ragdoll cat, it means that you are taking responsibility not only to give her everything that she needs like food and shelter, but your time as well. No matter how busy you are, try to give enough time to your cat for playing and cuddling. Remember young Ragdoll kittens that were separated from her mother and siblings can be stressed and lonely. This is the right time to comfort her. Ragdoll cats are friendly; this is means that your new Ragdoll kitten was handled well by humans when she was younger. Therefore, if you want your Ragdoll kitten to grow friendlier when she becomes an adult cat, make sure that she is handled very well starting at a very young age.

Getting a new Ragdoll cat means you are also agreeing to give her everything that she needs. This will not only include the necessities, but the luxuries as well, like toys, premium food, vitamins, and more. Actually, there is this cat tool called cat tree that you can buy, so that you can prevent your Ragdoll kitten from scratching your furniture pieces.

Introduce your Ragdoll kitten to each member of your family, every time you can. This will allow your kitten to know her new family easily. If you love your kitten, make sure that your home is safe for your kitten to live in. Take away small objects that your Ragdoll kitten might eat, and get it stuck in her throat. Fix the cables and wires around your home, to prevent electrocution and to prevent your kitten from being tangled.

Taking care of a Ragdoll kitten inside your home is like taking care of a toddler.

Make sure that you have contacted a vet already, before even starting your search for Ragdoll kittens for sale to make sure that your kitten will have proper health care regularly.

These are the different things that you have to do, if you want your new Ragdoll kitten to feel comfortable and get accustomed to her new home. By the way, if you are planning to get a young cat, try to give your chosen cat more time to be with her mother and siblings. Let’s say 11 – 12 weeks is already safe to separate her from her real family, because this age can already handle the stress and discomfort that a cat may feel, when separated from her mother and siblings.

Taking home a new Ragdoll kitten is a big responsibility. It is like bringing home a new baby, where you need to make sure that you can give proper care not only for comfort and shelter, but also when it comes to proper food and nutrition, as well as with her medical health care needs.

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